Tips On Selecting The Right Menu For A Corporate Function

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Planning out the right menu for a function at the workplace will require some though and effort. However, making plans will be much easier if you are organised and have an idea of what kind of menu would suit the function. Some factors that need to be taken into consideration can range from finding the finest caterer to making sure that the right food menu that falls within the budget. Don’t forget that while networking and socialising are a big part of workplace events, a function with good food also makes a great impression.

Select The Right Caterer

Do have a look at different options even if the company has a regular caterer in mind – this way you can compare prices, menus and services to avoid extra expenditure. It’s just as important to select caterers well in advance to avoid any delays or other conflicting issues that might arise. When looking into caterers, do check out their references and specialties to learn more about what they offer – do find out about past events that they have catered for, in order to gain better insight.

Consider The Occasion Or Theme

If the function will be more fancy such as a charity event or holiday party, the menu will have to match the occasion instead of regular options for office catering Melbourne – most caterers have special holiday menus. Try to select food items that will go with a style of the event too. You will also need tos decide on whether to go with a buffet or with plated options – this will depend on the length of the event and number of attendees. A buffet is a popular choice due to convenience.

Select A Well-rounded Menu

When it comes to corporate catering for an event, it’s always better to select a balanced menu that is not filled with different versions of the same items or dishes that are too similar. Take into consideration the people who will be attending the event and what their tastes are like – this will help you narrow down menu selections easily. It’s better to select a reasonable variety of food items for the event.

Be Aware Of Dietary Restrictions

While you cannot satisfy everyone’s preferences, it’s important to take in dietary restrictions of the attendees. With veganism and vegetarianism being quite common these days, it’s good to have some items that are suitable for people with such diets. Some other things to be aware of include food allergies including religious or cultural restrictions – so order some alternatives or items that are versatile.

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